Gold, turquoise & mammoth ivory bead necklace
Gold, ebony & black tourmaline bead necklace
Black coral and gold band set
Cluster gold ring
Puddle gold ring
Frost diamond gold earrings
Écu gold earrings
Épine with diamond gold earrings
Rosée diamond gold earrings
Baji gold cuff
Cloud chalcedony gold ring
Cloud gold ring
Pavé diamond Cloud ring
Buffalo horn and gold bracelet
Tassle gold earrings
Raindrop diamond gold ring
Cloud tourmaline gold ring
Indo gold cuff
Cluster aquamarine gold ring
Cluster tourmaline gold ring
Black coral and gold with black diamond rings
Dorée gold earrings
Eilífu diamond gold ring
Gold bead necklace
Tas d'Or
Égal gold ring [mens]
Couper gold ring [mens]
Bronze lantern no. 1
Bronze lantern no. 2
Large bronze candlestick
Bronze lantern No. 3
Limited edition cast bronze lanterns, objects & fixtures
Made in Los Angeles, California
Matin painted bronze wall fixture
Blackened silver Écu earrings
Blackened silver Épine earrings
Blackened silver Rosée earrings